Create Your 2016 Vision Board


Watch this video to quickly learn my process on how to create your 2016 vision board!


First – Set your intention. Where do you want to be on 12/31/2016? What does that look like? What does that feel like? Write for about 5 minutes the dreams and aspirations you have, allow yourself to DREAM big.


Second -Pick about 5 categories that will support you in achieving these goals, aspirations and dreams. For example; relationships, career, health, etc… What goals go under each category. Allow yourself a few minutes to get clear about where things go and how you want to support yourself through this process.


Third – Once you have selected your Categories, you want to give each one a “Power” or “Intention” Word. For example. Relationships is one of my categories and I used the word “Authentic” as my power word for that category because I am committed to creating authentic relationships. Do this for each category.


Fourth – Now you have 5 Power/Intention Words. Write them down and spend a few minutes looking at them. You want to select ONE word, which can be one of the 5 or a totally different word that you may be inspired by that will be – YOUR word for 2016.


Fifth – Now you have your 2016 Word, your categories with intention words and your vision for 2016. With all of this in mind, spend time going through magazines, photos, stickers, and anything that inspires you – be as creative as you like. Once you have collected enough materials… move on to the final step.

Sixth – Completing the process. Arrange your materials on your vision board in a way that inspires you and reminds you of your intention words for the year. Now hang this in a location that allows you to see it every day!

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