It’s 9:30am on a Sunday morning and I’m on the phone with 11 friends from all over the country. These friends have agreed to be experts on my new Facebook Community page called My Vibe Tribe. We are planning out the month of January – what workshops we want to provide, what challenges we want to offer and how we want to engage with the members in order to provide them with an amazing experience. My Vibe Tribe is dedicated to healing through community and the ‘mind, body and soul’. As a group, we decide that we want to create a theme for each month. For January, our theme will be “setting your foundation.”


Foundation – such a great word and theme to start off the year, right? I agree. However, as the first week goes by, I don’t give it much thought. Tonight, I pulled my calendar out to review some events and there it is “Foundation”. What does it mean? How does one know if they have set their foundation? Foundation -an underlying principle of something, Authority, Ground, Reason, Support, Core, Essence, Focus, Importance, Nucleus, Substance. Lack of Foundation – working faulty, Inconsistent, Meaningless, Disconnected, Unsound


When I look at these definitions, I reflect back to times in my life when I choose to create a solid foundation, how this allowed my life to work and what I was able to create during those times. I also looked at times when I lacked a foundation and what was going on in my life. I see how easy it is to not take the time required to make the foundation. I see how easy it is to let things go and slip away. Before you know it, your foundation is cracked, inconsistent, unsound… The tools I believe are needed to develop a solid foundation are: (1) Getting Organized, (2) Consistency and (3) Support.


(1) Getting Organized has been a huge obstacle for me. Often times, I don’t know where to start. Go slow. One room at a time. Get rid of things you don’t need. Donate things you can and keep things simple so you can get to them easily. (2) Staying Consistent. It is so easy to be distracted with the business that life is these days. Find a system. Get a planner. Write out your meals, your workout routine, your personal time, put it all down so you can see it – and have something to follow. (3) Get Support. Having someone to help motivate you, hold you accountable, push you and cheer you on is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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