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My name is Jennifer Bishop. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with offices in Boca Raton and Virtually. I specialize in working with children ages 3 to 16 and with Adults on wellness and healing to live their life’s purpose.


The 2016-2017 School Year has Begun! Families are making their lists:backpacks, school supplies, doctor visits for shots, enrolling in extra curricular activities… and more.

One thing that is missing on most lists that is critical  – Children’s Behavioral Health Checkups!

Does your child or teen struggle with emotional, behavioral or other issues that keep them from achieving their best in school?

Do you hear from teachers or administrators about your child’s behavior?

Do you worry about your child’s adjustment to a new school or grade level?

Does your child deal with anxiety when interacting with peers or social situations?

The BEST  time to visit with a clinical professional is before it these behaviors/symptoms negatively impacts the school year. Until children receive treatment for their behavioral or emotional health issues, they miss important learning the classroom.

Studies show that 70% of students diagnosed with a mental or behavioral health issue by middle school exhibited warning signed by the 2nd grade, yet few received evaluations or support. Families, communities and schools can play an important role in recognizing children’s mental health needs and making early referrals for assessment, diagnosis and treatment.


Early identification, accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment of mental health conditions in school-aged young people can alleviate enormous suffering and heartbreak and help young people to benefit from their education and to lead productive lives.

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