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As a therapist and spiritual life coach, I am often asked what the difference is. For years, I worked as a traditionally trained therapist. Clients came in and we addressed issues, week after week. After years of this practice I realized that there was a repetitive pattern with no real healing taking place. So I asked myself, what is missing here? For me, it was the discussion and relationship of the soul and spirituality inside of the therapeutic practice. I then set out on learning how to bridge that gap. How do I bring the work of healing the soul and discussing spirituality into therapy? After years of research, study and training, I have brought spiritual coaching into my therapy practice.


I work with clients to help them find relief from the pain of suffering in their normal life. The problems that people come in with often include; depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma, self-esteem issues, relationship issues and lack of contentment in life. Using clinical and spiritual practices, I provide a deep-spiritual path that helps clients focus on aligning themselves with theirĀ purpose. Clients are able to expand their spiritual awareness, heal unhealthy patterns & themes, reframe unconscious beliefs, develop loving soulmate relationships and achieve personal and professional goals that are in alignment with their Soul’s Purpose!


Together, we correct what is not working, heal old wounds and expand into your highest potential by having you step into your soul’s purpose.



In order to provide my clients with the quality of care needed for their healing and spiritual growth, I only work with a small number of clients at one time. Spots available to work with me go quickly! Grab yours now! 561-408-1098. Have questions? Sign up for a FREE Consultation at

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