Your Body Is So Wise

Your body is so wise. In the relationship between the mind and the body it is hard for the mind to surrender. Your body takes care of its half of the relationship, but the mind is the one that abuses the body, mistreats it, gets mean with it. Your body is willing to receive love from the mind, but the mind says “NO! I’m too fat, I have a headache today, I don’t like how big my arms look, etc…” Your body is perfect the way it is.


I have had this ongoing love/hate relationship between my mind and body for as long as I can remember. Even today, my mind is waiting for my body to give out so I can’t do my workout, listing all of my ailments creating justification, reaffirming how imperfect I am.  Our perfection concepts have us reject our bodies, yet our body is completely loyal.


Here is the question… If you reject your own body, what can other people expect from you? Join me, in making it a goal to create a loving relationship between you and your body. Today’s healing mantra: “Love your body and allow your body to be free. Free to give and free to receive.”

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